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    Best Excel VBA Training Institute in Marathahalli

    Why We are the Best Excel VBA Training Institute in Marathahalli

    Training Institute Marathahalli has established itself as the Best Excel VBA Training institute in Marathahalli and thousands of students who completed Excel VBA Course from our Institute are ready to endorse our claim. When it comes to Excel VBA Training in Marathahalli, we have  some of the best Excel VBA Trainers available in Bangalore. They all have more than 5+ years’ real-time experience as well as teaching experience in Excel VBA. We have got the latest course content and materials and it is fully based on real time scenarios. Come be a part of our training and shape your career in Excel VBA field and achieve your dreams. Contact us more details like fee structure, batch timing etc..

    Best Excel VBA Training institute in Marathahalli

    Experienced Trainers

    Out Trainers have got more than 5 years' real time as well as teaching experience

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    Class Room & Online

    We have multiple batches for classroom and online students.

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    We have got an experienced HR professionals to help students with job opportunitites

    Best Excel VBA Training Institute in Marathahalli

    Course Content

    1. Creating of Pivot Table
    2. Using Summary function in Pivot Table
    3. Pivot Table Calculations
    4. Creating own formulas in Pivots
    5. Grouping and Ungrouping in Pivot Tables
    6. Creating Pivot Graph
    7. Custom Filter on Pivot Table
    8. Formatting Pivot table (Removing old data, grand total, subtotal …etc.)

    1.Microsoft Word
    2. Microsoft Excel
    3. Microsoft PowerPoint
    4. Introduction to Ms access
    5. Working with Ms outlook express

    1.Inserting Objects
    2. Inserting different files into Excel (like .doc, .pdf, .txt files)
    3. Hyper linking to different sheets
    4. Providing screen tips in hyper link
    5. Hyperlink to send emails
    6. Inserting symbols
    7. Sending working file to an email

    1. Rearranging of Data
    2. Sorting by alphabets, numbers and time

    1. Using Auto filter option
    2. Custom Filtering with different options
    3. Advanced Filtering
    4. Find Unique records using advanced filtering
    5. Filter using operators AND/OR
    6. Filter by color

    1. Group and ungroup rows and columns
    2. Auto outlining the data
    3. Freezing and Unfreezing

    1. Use Data Validation in Excel
    2. Using Input Message in Data validation
    3. Using Error Message in Data validation

    1. Remove duplicate records in a spread sheet
    2. Customize to remove the duplicate values

    1. Split texts to different columns 2. Remove special character from a string and split the string

    1. Combining different spreadsheet using data consolidation
    2. Using summary function in data consolidation

    1. Use of conditional formatting
    2. Custom formatting

    1. Use of format painter
    2. Use of paste special
    3. Strike through a value
    4. Find and Replace

    1. Arrange multiple windows to view in one time
    2. Split big sheet into sub sheets for better analysis

    1. Hide/ Unhide a tab
    2. Color a tab
    3. Move /Copy the tab to another sheet/workbook

    1. V-Lookup
    2. H-Lookup
    3. IF
    4. ISERROR
    5. Index Match
    6. Rows
    7. Columns
    8. Match
    9. Offset
    10. Get Pivot Data
    11. Data and Time functions
    12. Text Functions
    13. Operators
    14. Mathematical functions
    15. Calculation Operations

    1. Define a name to a range
    2. Use of name manager
    3. Using formulas in name manager
    4. Editing name range

    1.From access
    2. From SQL
    3. From Web
    4. From ODBC

    1. Customize Excel view
    2. Developer Option
    3. Trust Centre
    4. Add-Ins
    5. Save directory options
    6. Language Setting
    7. Quick access toolbar

    1. Protecting the worksheet
    2. Protecting the workbooks
    3. Sharing the workbook
    4. Allow users to edit ranges

    Excel VBA Training is simply the best. It is one of the most comprehensible and in-depth excel VBA training you will ever get
    Training Institute Marathahalli
    MD, Ikkas Biriyaani